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There are more than 3000 stones available in nature. They are Inorganic, Organic, & Rasins (Vegetation). Gem – Stones work as boosters & make the life better. They posses mystic, occult powers & curative properties. Colour & chemical of Gem-Stones are absorbed by the human body. We are living in a Ocean of Cosmic rays of different colours & different wavelengths, Gems are mines of cosmic rays. There are total 9 colours, 7 visible & 2 invisible colours (they are ultra violet rays & infra red rays). When used properly under guidance they make the life better by supplying colour, natural chemical & favour from the planet to the body.

Gem Therapy have a place of honour amongst the medical system of the world.
In a healthy person all 9 colours are present in balance & any imbalance (excesses or deficiency) of colour leads to diseases & disharmony in body.
Disease is the hunger for particular colour. Certain gemstones can help us correct such colour imbalance. When worn,cosmic rays pass through them to our body with the chemical of the stone including favour from planets. When used properly Gem Stones being light to the area of the darkness and neutralizes blockage of the body (chakras). All gem stones have their electrical frequency & wave length. They work with our electromagnetic field-AURA. Gem stones restore the balance to the original composition of 9 colours.
Their vibrational powers heal our emotional, spiritual & physical disorders. They also balance our thought process & circulatory system. Each gem has an abundant source of specific ray. This source is not exhausted even after constant use of several years. Gems are considered most valuable healing agents as they are hard and long lasting. Some times they work as deflectors & deflect negative energy. From times Gem Stones are used in Healing, in Religion & in Astrology. They are used in different shapes such as balls, eggs, pyramids, faceted, convex etc. They are wonderful gifts, from “Mother Earth” with special energies & healing powers.
Defective & used or wrongly worn stones should be discarded as they play havoc in one’s life. If worn properly under proper guidance, sometimes they work faster than medicines. Gem – Stones should single owner only with some exceptions.

There are conditions of weight, metal & finger & charging of the gem stones. They are used in Vastu also. If they are worn properly under the guidance of Gem therapist, one can get Health, Wealth, Peace & Harmony in life without any side effects. In case of major disease, Gem-Stones should be used as 2nd life of defence. Imbalance could be set right either by wearing gems touching to the skin, by wearing high quality round beads around the neck or on chakras or by using them as an ingredient to make oils medicines, potions to be taken internally “GEM THERAPY” is a great tool for personal growth. One should never play with their energies.
Following charged genuine natural first hand gemstones available at Predictions AstroGem Boutique.
Ruby – Lord Sun
Lord Sun. Connected with heart chakra, controls bones of the body. Good for power, authority, peace victory over enemies & in court cases. Sometimes it causes detachment also. It attracts favour & good will. It drives away Ghosts & dispel sadness. Those in business related to government, politics, social services, public, acting & cinema should wear Ruby as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Ruby is Al2O3 + Fe & it gives Red color cosmic rays to body.
Pearl – Lord Moon
Connected with hara chakra, controls liquid of the body & affections of watery nature. It cures acidity, indigestion, insomnia, asthma. It keeps one cool & calculative. It is good for bones also. Those who are in the business related to metals engineering, materials, computers, music, or instrumental field should wear Pearl as lucky gem. Chemical composition of Pearl is CaCo3 & it gives Orange color cosmic rays to body.
Red Coral – Lord Mars
Connected with root chakra, controls marrow of our body. Makes one courageous and active. Good for diabetes patients (in combination with other stones). Cures constipation, blood disorders, improves digestive system and prevents bleeding. Good for bones too. It averts evil eye. Lucky stone for brides & gives happiness to married women. Those who are in military, police, security service, real estate, hotel business, electrical business should wear Red Coral as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Red Coral is CaCo3 & it gives Yellow color cosmic rays to body.
Emerald – Lord Mercury
Connected with heart chakra and balances nervous system & rules skin. Increases liquid cash (daily income). Preserves love between husband and wife, symbol of love and kindness. Improves eye sight & memory. Makes one good speaker. Those who are in an agency, contact works, cloth business, oil business, decorative items, paper products should wear Emerald as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Emerald is Be3(AlCr)2 (Si603)6 + Cr  & it gives Green color cosmic rays to body.
Yellow Sapphire – Lord Jupiter
Connected with solar plexes. Controls liver, fat of the body, Good for financial success, sound bank balance, professional success, increase intelligence, make one free from unwanted / unpleasant thoughts. Removes depression. Helps recover from throat troubles. Those who are in the artistic, educational, financial, endowment field or in religious / philosophical areas should wear Yellow Sapphire as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Ruby is Al2O3 + Fe and its gives blue color cosmics rays to body.
Diamond – Lord Venus
Lord Venus. Control eye sight, cough and mucus problems. Cures and gives all in life. Gives over all health and protection. It gives all types of enjoyments, luxuries, comforts & love in life. Must always be worn on left side of the body. It promotes consistency in marriage. Those who are in administrative field, agriculture, dairy products, poultry farm, fruit and vegetable farm should wear Diamond as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Diamond is pure carbon & it gives Deep Blue color cosmic rays to body.
Blue Sapphire – Lord Saturn
Controls muscles of body. Connected with brow chakra, controls the anger. An antidote against poison. It has special power of judgement & healing. Those who are in the business of iron & steel, building materials, real estate, commission agents for purchasing and selling properties (specially old or used), should wear Blue Sapphire as their lucky gem. Chemical composition is Al2O3 + Fe & it gives Violet color cosmic rays to body.
Gomedha – Lord Rahu
Controls allergies in body & stop bleeding. Gives safety and protection. It bestows health & wealth. Dancers, politicians, astrologers, tantriks, palmist should wear Gomedha as their lucky gem. Chemical composition of Gomed is Ca3Al2 (SiO4)3 & it gives Ultra Violet color cosmic rays to body.
Cat’s eye – Lord Ketu
It controls high blood pressure, diabetes, checks the growth of cancer & old age chronic problems. Gem of good luck. It is used as charm against evil spirits, restores lost wealth, gives protection from enemies. Makes one wealthy, it takes one from nowhere to everywhere. Lawyers, producers, & directors, film actors, journalists, printers, people in medical field should wear Cat’s eye as their lucky gem. Chemical composition BeOAl2O3 and its gives infra red color cosmic rays to body.
The Significance of Gemstones in Dreams
1   Agate - a journey 18   Heliotrope - long life
2   Amber - a voyage 19   Hyacinth - a heavy storm
3   Amethyst - freedom from harm 20   Jacinth - success
4   Aquamarine - new friends 21   Jasper - love returned
5   Beryl - happiness in store 22   Jet - sorrow
6   Blood stone - distressing news 23   Lapis Lazuli - faithful love
7   Carbuncle - acquirement of wisdom 24   Moonstone - impending danger
8   Carnelian - impending misfortune 25   Moss Agate unsuccessful journey
9   Cat's Eye - treachery 26   Onyx - a happy marriage
10   Chalcedony - friends rejoined 27   Opal - great possessions
11   Chrysoberyl - a time of need 28   Pearl - faithful friends
12   Chrysolite - necessary caution 29   Ruby - unexpected guests
13   Coral - recovery from illness 30   Sapphire - escape from danger
14   Crystal - freedom from enemies 31   Sardonyx - love of friends
15   Diamond - victory over enemies 32   Topaz - no harm shall befall
16   Emerald - much to look forward to 33   Tourmaline - an accident
17   Garnet - The solution of a mystery 34   Turquoise - prosperity
Gemstones & Cures
Addiction  to  Liquors Amethyst, Blue  Sapphire  & Emerald  together
Addiction  to Tobacco, Drugs, Tea & Coffee Blue  Sapphire  & Emerald  together
Anxiety Yellow  Sapphire
To be Bold Ruby
To  be  Brave & Strong Diamond
Business People Green Tourmaline
Confidence Aquamarine
Courage Bloodstone, Garnet, Pearl
Dullness  of  Mind Ruby
Fear Diamond,  Gomed,   Ruby
Grief Diamond,  Gomed,  Ruby
Hysteria Pearl,  Yellow  Sapphire
Harmony Carnelian
Innocent  People Diamond
Insanity Diamond, Agate, Emerald
Isolation  in  Life Pink Tourmaline
Good  Knowledge Amethyst, Yellow Sapphire
Love & Friendship Garnet
Memorise Turquoise
To  get  Good  Memory Opal, Pearl
Mental  & Nervous  Disorder Blue Sapphire
Mentally  Retarted Green Tourmaline
Miseries Obsessions Blue sapphire Diamond
Peace  of  Mind Pearl
Proud / Over Proud Blue Sapphire
Spirituality Blue Sapphire , Lapis
Sadness Ruby
Security  in  Life Yellow Sapphire
Student  &  Businessmen

Green Tourmaline
To  get  Wisdom Yellow Sapphire
Worries Ruby
Wisdom Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz
Vitality Red Coral, Ruby, Carnelian
Headache Emerald / Amethyst
Speech Disorder Emerald, Carnelian
Tooth Complaints Yellow Sapphire
Eye Trouble Coral, Diamond, Emerald
Running Nose Diamond
Asthma Coral, Pearls, Ruby, Carnelian
Chest Pain Emerald, Ruby
Cough Coral, Pearl, Ruby, Carnelian
Lung Complaints Emerald
Throat Complaints Yellow Sapphire
Heart Troubles Diamond, Pearl, Ruby
Bowels Complaints Emerald
Constipation Digestive  Complaints Lapis, Gomed, Pearl Jade, Pearl, Moonstone
Liver  &  Kidney

Diabetes White Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire
Ladies  to  Ensure  Happy  Married  Life Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl
To prevent  Widowhood Coral
Arthritis Blue  Sapphire
Stiffness  Of  Joints Cats  eye
Nervous   &   Mental   Disorder Blue  Sapphire
Insomnia Pearl
To  Foresee  Important  Events  In  Dreams Tourmaline (any colour )
Skin  Diseases Cats  eye,  Lapis
Allergy Gomed
To  Get  Friends Ruby
Excess  Heat Gomed,  Pearl
Sun Signs
Sun Signs Month Stone
Aries 21st March to 19th April Bloodstone
Taurus 20th April to 20th May Diamond
Gemini 21st May to 21st June Emerald
Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July Pearl
Leo 23rd July to 22nd Aug. Ruby
Virgo 23rd Aug. to 22nd Sept. Emerald
Libra 23rd Sept. to 23rd Oct. Opal
Scorpio 24th Oct. to 21st Nov. Topaz,Carnelian
Sagittarius 22nd Nov to 21st Dec. Turquoise/Topaz
Capricorn 22nd Dec. to 19th Jan. Garnet, Water Sapphire
Aquarius 20th Jan. to 18th Feb. Garnet/Amethyst/Aquamarine
Pisces 19th Feb. to 20th March Amethyst/Aquamarine
Rings - Stones - Weight - Metal & Finger
RUBY +6 Carat in weight, in Ring Finger of Right Hand, in Gold.
Pearl 2-4-6 Carat in weight, In Index Finger of Right Hand, in Silver.
RED CORAL Must be above 6 Carat in weight, in Ring Finger of Right Hand, In Gold.
EMERALD 4-5-6 Carat in weight, in Little Finger of Right Hand, in Gold or Silver.
YELLOW SAPPHIRE   3-4-5 Carat in weight in Index Finger of Right Hand, in Gold. Should never be 6 carat in weight.
DIAMOND +25 Cents in weight, in Middle Finger of Left Hand, in White Gold or Platinum
BLUE SAPPHIRE 3-4-5 Carat in weight, in Middle Finger of Right Hand, In Silver. Wear after trial.
GOMEDHA Must be above 6 Carat in weight, in Little Finger of Right Hand, in Silver.
CAT'S EYE   Must be above3 Carat in weight, in Little Finger of Right Hand, in Silver.Wear after trial.
WHITE CORAL +6 Carat in weight, in Middle Finger of Left Hand in Silver.
AMETHYST 6-7-8 Carat in weight, in Index Finger of Right Hand, in Silver.
TURQUOISE 6-7-8 Carat in weight, in Ring Finger of Left Hand in Gold or Silver
OPAL +8 Carat in weight, in Index Finger of Right Hand, in Silver.
Qualities Of Stones
Agate :

Gives speech confidence, gives long life, good for farmers, gives good health & wealth, cures insomnia, one can avoid bad dreams by wearing it, gives success in art & music, endows the wearer with grace, conversation & good manners, saves from lighting, good against the biting of scorpions or serpents, makes one economical thus wealthy, gives boldness of heart, helps in relieving stress, saves from heart diseases. Agate suits most when worn on the right arm.
Crystal :

Gives good concentrating power, helps in associating with good persons, helps in coming up in life, one gets success in life, makes one enthusiastic, one gets clarity, prevents against unpleasent dreams, one gets strong will power, made up of all 7 colour which helps in destroying black magic, in todays world Naturopaths, faith healers, clairvoyants and psychic healers commonly use crystal as it is full of numerous healing properties, Crystal reduces fever and pain (should be kept in the mouth to reduce fever)
Amethyst :

Opens psychic centres - confers second sight , gives mental clarity, favourate stone for travellers, safe guards against personal treachery, it has sudden effect upon over excitedmen, use it to get success in law suits & litigation, it increases love affection between husband and wife, helps in avoiding robberies, it keeps one morally strong, helpful in the treatment of colour blindness, one stays away from all kinds of ulcers, on falling sick this stone changes colour, good for females in gynae problems, cures addiction to liquors, touch the place of pain with Amethyst & pain disappear, gives insight, long life, peace of mind, success in business honour, useful for paralysis & night blindness, gives victory to soldiers, power to control evil thoughts, makes shrewd in business matters, it gives knowledge of the future in dreams.
Jasper :

It makes a person strong & tolerant, Jasper denotes satisfaction, checks haemorrage, protects from bites of poisonous creatures, drives away evil spirits, cures  snake bites (place over the bitten part, the poison will come out from the wound),  promotes speech, it helps in epilepsy, works as astringent, it protects against whichcraft, it gives good health, courage and wisdom, brings fresh  ideas to the holder , it  soothes the nerves and used to treat the loss of the sense of smell.
Carnelian :-

Symbol of joy & peace, gives longevity of life, satisfaction, gives strong will power, brings success in life, protects from the illness, gives courage, controls anger, protects from stomach problems, brings peace & success in the family, protects from accidents, helps to speak boldly & clearly, preserves harmony, stops bleeding, cures tumours & night fevers, checks haemorrhage, saves against injuries.
Aventurine (Money Stone):-

Helps in releasing anxiety & fears, promotes emotional tranquillity & positive attitue towards life, it enchances leadership qualities & reinforce decisiveness, it is helpful in treating the disorders of the heart, lungs, adrenal glands and the muscular and urogenital system, it is also helpful in the treatment of eyesight and hairproblem, must keep on the left side of the body in heart shape or as powerband, it brings financial success to the business.
Rose Quartz :-

Its pink colour represents gentleness and wisdom, it produces restful cooling energy which restores calmness, balance and clarity to the emotions and is considered execellent for healing “Emotional Wounds”, because of its cooling energy it is also used to relieve burns and blisters caused by heat, it helps in releasing impurities from the cells of the body, when put on the reflex points it is beneficial for the heart & lungs, it saves from negative energy & bad eyes, if working longer on computer or watching T.V. must keep Rose Quartz on top of it (it absorbs the negative rays from the machine).
Jade :-

Gives long & prosperous life, courage, wisdom & knowledge, prolongs age, brings financial success & goodluck, it increases longevity of business, one remains fresh & active, it gives positive thinking, symbol of love, helps in avoiding accidents, protects from black magic, excellent for people suffering from indigestions, asthma & heart problems, helps in avoiding stomach & kidkey diseases.
Garnet :-

Is associated with love & passion, known as a “Stone of Commitment”, used in the treatment of toxicity, mental depression, heart trouble, inflammation and underactive thyroid, it symbolises consistancy, presevses health and promotes joy.Ensures constancy in friendship.Good for those who are constantly changing their mistresses.
Moonstone :-

Is considered to bring goodluck, symbol of hope, known as a “Feeling Stone”, it enhances understanding, enchances creativity and self expression, alliviates emotional tensions, gives good fortune & success in affairs of heart, used in the treatment of digestive disorders. During full moon, it gives ability to see into the future when held in the mouth.
Pearls :-

Has a reputation for protecting against evilthe pearl is formed as the direct result of irritation, it is thought to hold the key to how we can oversome oppression & pain, symbol of purity & innocence, used in the treatment of digestive disorders, asthama, stone in blader and is thought to increase fertility and ease childbirth, gives good memory, mental peace, happy married life, it averts widowhood when worn with Red Coral.
Turquoise :-

Always be given as a gift. It has healing as well as occult forces in it. It emits healing radiation. This is also known as eye stone and is used directly on eyes. It changes colour near poison and grows dim when its owner is threatened with ill health or some danger. That time it must be removed. It regains colour after few hours and owner should wear it again. It saves from accidents, should always be kept in a vehicle, it saves falling from heights, it assures accuracy of aim when fixed to gun or bow. Keep Turquoise in hand on first day after new moon – first look at the moon say ur wish then look at the Turquoise in your hand and carry that stone always with you. It fulfills your wish and gives wealth. Horse remain under control of the rider if he is using Turquoise. It reflects black magic back onto the doer. Gives vitality to the body. Gives new life to the physical relationship of husband and wife. It protects master from misfortune, gives longivity, increases capacity of brain. It breaks into pieces when there is great danger to its owner.
Insects and snakes stay away from a person who is wearing Turquoise.
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