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Rudraksha is tears of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha=rudra+aksha=shiva+eye
Rudraksha are found in Blueberry fruit on ripening. Botanical  name of Rudraksh is Elaiocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Rudraksha beads have been used for thousands of years by mankind. Energy of Rudraksha is high.
Rudraksh is full of electromagnetic waves, spiritual & medicinal properties. It helps in attaining salvation, used in religion & helps in becoming healthy and wealthy, we find its description in Vedas also. It helps the wearer in every sphere of life (dharm, arth, kam, moksh). It maintains stability of mind, calmness, confidence, self esteem, controls nervousness & it is anti-stress. Its electromagnetic waves helps the wearer in maintaining proper blood circulation & maintains proper blood pressure. Rudraksha are used for treatment of various diseases. It increases the intuition, helps in achieving mantra siddhi, saves from black magic & evil spirits, saves from accidents & unnatural death.

Prediction AstroGem Boupique  PROVIDES  ALL  FOLLOWING CHARGED  RUDRAKSH  IN                                                                 YOUR  NAME.

1 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  It is king of all Rudraksh. It makes a person very fortunate.  It gives all pleasures-material as well as spiritual. Fulfills desires, gives prosperity, success, power & mental peace. Gives salvation. It cures heart diseases, headache & eye problems. Person remains self disciplined. Good for crown chakra. Ruled by Sun so good for the cure of all Sun related problems. Numerologically it is governed by number 1. This is a rare Rudraksh.
MANTRA:  'Aum Hreem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
2 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Domestic happiness, gives protection to wearer, success in profession business, cures digestive, lungs, kidney & brain diseases. One can avoid depression & negative thoughts by wearing it. Good for the treatment of impotency. Increases bonding (love & affection) between husband & wife. It helps in getting married also. It helps to cure sleeplessness & by putting it under pillow one can avoid bad-dreams. Ruled by Moon so good for the cure of all Moon related problems. Numerologically it is governed by number 2.
3 MUKHI RUDRAKSH: It increases will power and concentration of students, It cures blood defects, skin diseases, acute fever, jaundice. It removes malefic effects of  Manglik Dosha. It blesses one with confidence, energy, money, knowledge & wisdom. Removes inferiority complex & laziness. Excellent for those who have real estate business. Ruled by Mars. so good for the cure of Mars related problems. Numerologically it is governed by number 9.
MANTRA: 'Aum Kleem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
4 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  It gives Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. One is blessed with progeny. Makes nervous system strong. Good for people having  nervous debility, respirarory, tracrt problems, asthma, mental illness (or memory lapse), excessive sleep & unwanted dreams. Controls speech disorder. It is good for the people who are in construction business. Ruled by Mercury so good for the cure of all Mercury related problems. Numerologically it is governed by number 5.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
5 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is the most common of all rudraksha beads. It is commonly used in jaap mala or rosery. It gives peace of mind, happiness, spiritual inclination, good luck, intelligence to the wearer.  It controls the five elements of body, fire, water, air, sky & earth. One is relieved of all sins and misdeeds. Good for the cure of diabetes, eye problems, piles, stress, blood pressure, stomach disorder, obesity, constipation, tooth ache, anger, heart problem. Ruled by Jupiter so good for the cure of all Jupiter related problems. Numerologically it is governed by number 3.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
6 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  It makes memory sharp, good for students & intellectual work & increases concentration. Cures eye problems, heart diseases, gynecological problems, sexual disorder, hysteria, problems of reproductive organs & urinary tract etc It increases charm & speech power. It gives luxuries & comfort & makes one witty and intelligent. It can be used as substitute for 13 mukhi Rudraksh. Ruled by Venus so good for the cure all Venus related problems & numerologically it is governed by number 6.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Hum Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
7 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Wear two seven mukhi Rudraksha if a person has a kal sarp dosha in his/her kundli as snakes never harm the wearer. It gives prosperity, progress , success in business & luxuries of life. It also gives fame & spiritual knowledge. It helps to recover from pain in joints, mental stress, T.B , epilepsy, respiratory disorder, asthma, pharyngitis & importency. It should be kept at the place of worship. It represents Goddess MahaLakshmi & also known as Kam dev Rudraksh. It must be worn by the people going through Sade Sati & Shani Mahadasha.
 Ruled by Saturn so good for the cure of all Saturn related problems & Numerologically it is governed by number 8.
8 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Makes Rahu (Dragons Head) strong.
Malefic effects of Rahu are cured by this bead so should be worn by people goin through Rahu Maha-dasha. Saves from accidents, enemies, gives success in court cases. Good for authors. The 8 mukhi bead is also represented by Lord Ganesha who is worshipped prior to all other Gods. This bead removes obstacles in life and gives stability. The person who is beginning new business should wear it. This rudraksha bead protects the person from problems related to litigation, misfortunes, miseries. It cures stomach ache, skin diseases, allergies (or mysterious kind of diseases, cataract) etc. Ruled by Rahu  so good for the cure of  all Rahu  related problems & Numerologycally it is governed by number  4.
MANTRA: 'Om Ganeshaya Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
9 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Use of it makes Ketu (Dragons Tail) strong. It gives courage, tolerance,peace and fame It is worn to control  malefic effects like mental fatigue, poverty, helplessness, inactivity of mind and body. This bead also works as a magical remedy for treating unknown diseases, snake bite, diseases of lung, fever, eye pain, bowel pain, skin disease, body pain, stomach diseases. It  symbolizes  Goddess Durga and helps to increase self confidence and overcome fear and depression and also remove the effects of  Kaal Sarp Yoga. Gives all kinds of domestic happiness & understanding among family members.It increases will power & popularity & keeps body healthy. Ruled by Ketu so good for all Ketu related problems & Numerologically it is governed by number 7.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Hum Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES) 
10 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  The  ruling lord of this bead is Lord Mahavishnu, the preserver of the Universe .Use of it makes all nine planets strong. It increases concentration power, patience & is good for meditation. Good for actors & celebrities, artist, politicians, social worker. Gives all round growth, peace & over all protection even to family members. This bead has a strong positive effect on adverse planetary effects, evil power (black magic), misfortunes, miseries. Cures diseases like hormonal imbalance, mental instability, cough - cold, blood and skin related problems etc. This bead is also very effective against fear from snakes, litigations and imprisonment. It does not have a ruling planet.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
11 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Use of it gives progeny even to Barren lady. It gives success, protection and long life. It fulfills all desires. It gives affectionate Husband/Wife.  The ruling lords of this Rudraksh bead are Lord Indra and Lord Hanuman. The 11 Mukhi bead makes courageous, gives confidence, luxuries & comforts to the wearer, healthy. This bead is suitable for meditation and blesses the wearer with wisdom, right judgment, fearlessness and success. It also removes all obstacles and problems and cures many chronic diseases. This bead has no particular ruling planet but cures problems related with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
MANTRA: 'Om Shree Rudray Namah’ (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
12 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Its deity is Lord Sun. Wearer gets respect & is honoured everywhere .Gets good command in speech. Good for politicians, business people & administrators etc. It increases the stamina of the body. Good for the cure of bone diseases, osteoporosis, mental disability, anxiety, Heart Diseases, Blood  related problems,  gastric problems, lung diseases, skin problems etc. The wearer of this Rudraksha is said to always enjoy wealth, prosperity and worldly pleasures. This bead is related with Heart Chakra. It makes the wearer fearless. The 12 mukhi Rudraksha removes negative forces in the Aura. Protects from enemies It gives salvation. and is prescribed as a remedy for Sun related problems.
MANTRA: 'Suryay Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
13 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  Its Lord is Lord Indra &  Lord Kamdeva. It gives all luxuries, fame, immense wealth & material success in life. Wearer of it gets  love, affection, beauty, and his all wishes are fulfilled. It increases spiritual uplift & gives salvation. Wearer gets success in new venture & he goes very high in life. It cures all types of sexual disorders. It increases respect. Good for Doctors and the people dealing in medicine business. It is a rare bead.  Ruled by Venus so good for  the cure of all Venus related problems & Numerologically it is ruled by number 6.
MANTRA: 'Aum Hreem Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
14 MUKHI RUDRAKSH:  It has special powers. This Rudraksh is ruled by Lord Hanuman, so controls the malefic effects of Saturn and good for the people who are going through Sade Sati. One gets special blessings of God. One remains healthy and fearless. After using it one can fight with any diseases. Specially it is good for brain related diseases and  for eye diseases. One becomes decision maker. It protects from evil spirits and black magic .
It gives salvation & it blesses with a child to childless couple if both of them wear it.
This is a rare Rudraksh.
MANTRA: 'Aum Shivaya Namah' (ATLEAST 9 TIMES)
15 GAURI-SHANKAR RUDRAKSH:  Fulfills all desires. It increases understanding and bonding between husband  & wife. It specially brings success in business & profession. Gauri Shankar Rudraksh has combined powers of  1Mukhi Rudraksh and 14 Mukhi Rudraksh. It brings positivity in life. It blesses with progeny. Use of it makes one favorite of “Goddess Lakshmi” 

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