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Vastu Shashtra is a science of creating positive environment of our premises to give us good luck & prosperity. It is the science based on construction technology when applied, the owners of the premises proper & remain happy for ever. Through proper Vastu one can get good luck & charm. Vastu is the art balancing five elements of nature sky (space), Air (atmosphere), Water, Fire & Earth. It is the science of proper use of Eight directions keeping in mind the two natural streams of energy - magnetic waves & solar energies by balancing this five elements, eight directions & two natural streams of energy, one can get happiness & properity. It aims at peace
of mind & a healthy life. When it is not possible to go for structural alterations, then with the help of Feng Shui remedies, Gem therapy, colour therapy, Metal therapy & Rudraksh therapy good results can be obtained.
Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health, wealth, good fortune, relationships, creativity, confidence for people inhabiting it. Feng means wind and shui means water, the natural forces of universe. Feng Shui creates a living and working environment in harmony with nature and the flow of energy Feng Shui relates to position of elements, color and material. Fountains, mirrors and crystals are important accessories in Feng Shui. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune.
You need to be sure there is a good energy flow in every room in your house and in nyour office. According to feng shui your place and entrance door should have best color, best décor and best design. Stimulated energies are created by the right environment and the negative energies are decreased by adding certain remedies to the area/location. Negative energy exists in every building in active or non-active form. To maintain good Feng Shui you have to increase the positive energy and reduce the negative energy. Both positive and negative energies should be given treatment accordingly. Feng shui is for graveyards too.
Gem Therapy, Color Therapy, Metal Therapy & Rudraksh Therapy can be used to rectify the Vastu-Doshas in houses & plots, as is used on human beings. Energy can be increased by using Gem-Stones, Colors, Metals & Rudraksh in particular direction, particular number & particular weight. Use of Gems, Colors, Metals & Rudraksh creates Harmony in the home. These 4 elements are used to correct imbalance by reintroducing  the correct vibrations & we get more energy flow.
There are 8 main directions, out of which 4 are positive and 4 are negative for each person. Every person has its tailor made directions. These directions are different for each person. If one follows positive directions means one should sit in positive block, sleeps keeping head towards positive direction and sits facing positive direction, one definitely gets positive results in life and things will improve. One should totally avoid its negative directions. PA KUA NUMBER is calculated from birth date & there is a special formula for that. You can refer following chart.
PA  KUA NUMBER Birth Element Auspicious Directions Inauspicious Directions
1. Water   SE, E, S, N,   W, NE, NW, SW
2. Earth   NE, W, NW, SW   E, SE, S, N
3. Wood   S, N, SE, E   SW, NW, NE, W
4. Wood   N, S, E, SE   NW, SW, W, NE
5. Earth   NE, W, NW, SW,   E, SE, S, N (For Males)
      SW, NW, W, NE   S, N, E, SE (For Females)
6. Metal   W, NE, SW,NW   SE, E, N, S
7. Metal   NW, SW, NE, W   N, S, SE, E
8. Earth   SW, NW, W, NE   S, N, E, SE
9. Fire   E, SE, N, S   NE, W, SW, NW
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