Anita Sharma
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11``````````````````````````````````````````````Brahmin family in Delhi. A science graduate (with Physics, Chemistry & Maths)  from Delhi University. Right from the childhood her interest in stars, gemstones & astrology started as a curiosity & hobby. After finishing her graduation, she specialized in astrology & Vastu, Feng shui, Palmistry, Numerology, Samudra shastra,. Tarot reading and Color therapy. She is Reiki Grand Master also.

She does astrology in both Sayan & Nirayan system. She is practicing in Mumbai for last 18 years.
She has two offices in Mumbai. She has delivered lectures at various forums. She runs classes of Tarot, Vastu and Color therapy etc. She gives Lifetime guidance and remedies based on Horoscope. She is having a copy of Bhrigu Samhita and reads for all clients.

She is also a member of International Federation of Astrologers. She is qualified & experienced Astrologer having clients in different parts of the world. She has traveled many Countries across the globe on business assignments. Important one, she visited are South Africa, Swaziland, Lesothu, Genava,Chempari & Hedliburg in Switzerland Austria, Luxemburg, Antwerp,Amsterdam, Colmaar in france, Kenya, Zambia, UK, France, Germany Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Rome, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Egypt, UAE(Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah),.

Predictions Astrogem Boutique at Kandivali (E), Western Express Highway, run by Anita Sharma, a noted Astrologer & Gemologist, is not about fashion and design, it predicts the future, checks, matches horoscope and prescribes the use of different kind of stones to prevent, control and cure ailments. It runs on modern and scientific techniques.
Following services are available in Predictions Astrogem Boutique
All astrological services like Life time guidance in profession, Married life, health remedies., wealth, match making & recommendation of gemstones etc.
2. Astro-vastu, Feng Shui, Colour-chemical-crystal therapy
3. Reiki healing , Chakra therapy (in human & in premises)
Following items are available at Predictions Astrogem Boutique
All types of reliable, genuine, natural gemstones
2. All crystal items like Shreeyantra, shivling etc
3. Balls in crystal, amethyst, smoky quarts, rose quarts etc.
4. Various Gem trees according to color, chemical and Vastu
5. Figures and statues made of gem stones
6. Designer precious & semi precious bead jewellary readily available & made on order also.
7. Paintings and jewellary boxes made from powered gem stones.
8. All types of stones, tumbles and chips.
9. Many more products like power bands, hearts, pyramids, pencils, angels etc.
10. Rudraksh are also available.
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