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General Tips
1. Always use Violet color pillow cases.
2. Exeryone should keep Alum under pillow.
3. Must keep sandalwood and Camphor in copper Havan Kund in all rooms.
Tips For Financial Success
1. Always keep Yellow Mustard, small piece of Sandal Wood, Seven Mukhi  Rudraksha, Black Turmeric, Black Gunja, Yellow Kaudi,etc touching with cash.
2. Always keep some metallic coins in raw rice containers.
3. Keep charged Kuber Yantra & charged Shree Yantra in North.
4. South – East should be clutter free & clean. Keep in Four Mukhi Rudraksha, 400gm Jowar, picture of currency notes, green light, Jade tree, Wealth tree etc.South-East Corner
5. Keep Six Mukhi Rudraksha, multi gem tree, hidden coins (metallic) in silver bowl, 6 rod metallic wind chime, 6 moon stones in North – West corner.
6. Hang  “Guru ki Potli” in North – East.
7. Must Keep rough garnet touching with gold (must be gifted from someone)
Tips For Students
1. Keep Imli (Tamarind) leaves in books.
2. Wear White Coral Ganapati as pendant in silver.
3. Wear Tiger eye to avoid nervousness.
4. Keep books/notes, (which the student has studied during the day) under pillow overnight.
5. Keep 8 crystals dipped in water in silver bowl  in North – East of the study table near student. Keep Amethyst tree near student.
6. Keep Three Mukhi  & Six Mukhi Rudraksha tied in red thread and piece of Vachh tied in yellow thread near student.
7. Students should write their exams with red coloured  bodied pen.
Tips For Happy Married Life
1. South – West should be clean, lighted & clutter free. Keep love birds, happy family band, your photograph in good mood with counterpart .
2. Keep  Shiv – Shakti  & rose crystal  in heart shape  in South – West.
3. Activate your Romance corner (which is different for each person and is calculated).
4. Gift Turquoise to each other(very good for happy married life) & then wear that in left hand ring finger in silver/gold.
5. Hang  pair of puppets In South-West.
6. Place 2 red hearts in one of your relationship areas. This will enhance your present relationship or if you are single it will help you find a new partner.
7. Plant  2 fruit trees in  South – West corner of your garden, that symbolizes fruitful relationship.
Remedies For Shani
Planet   Saturn  is an Honest  Judge.  It  never  punishes  Honest people  &  always  punishes  Dis-honest people.
1. Keep  picture  of  Hanumanji  always  with  you  & request  him 3-4 times in a day, to keep  your  shani  peaceful (shant).
2. Avoid  Iron  furniture & make use of wooden  furniture maximum.
Chant  following  mantra, after sun set, daily except Sunday, sitting facing West. OM  SHAN  SHANISHCHARAY  NAMAH. 108 times
4. Every  Saturday   evening  at  7 p.m., light Mustard  Oil  lamp (Diya) under Peepal  Tree.
5. Go to Shani temple  every  Saturday.
6. Take  care of  Handicapped  people.
7. Give Salted food to Brahmin couple, with your own hands, on Shani  Amavasya   or  once  in a month  on  Saturday.
Remedies For Rahu-Mahadasha (Period of 18 years)
Keep  Pictures of  Lord  Ganesha  &  Goddess  Durga   with  you & request  them to keep your Rahu  calm, 3-4 times in a day.
2. Give  food  (little sweet)  to  dogs daily.
Distribute  Mathari,  Halua  &  Rreddish  with  leaves  to  poor on  Wednesday   or  Saturday.
4. Wear Gomedha  gem-stone  above 6 carat in weight, in little finger of right hand,in silver.
5. Wear  dry ginger tied  in black thread in neck.
6. Chant  following Mantras daily, after sun set , sitting facing South – West.
Om Ram Rahuve Namah.           108 times
Om Gan Ganapataye Namah.    108 times
Put  Wood  Coal (kachha - koyla)  equal to your weight  (once during Rahu Mahadasha) In  river on Wednesday or  Saturday.
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